LiveRowing enters Partnership with Strava

Strava has quickly become the social platform for users to track, analyze and socialize all their exercise activities. Rowing machine workouts are often just one activity of many for Strava athletes. LiveRowing has partnered with Strava to offer a seamless integration from LiveRowing to your Strava account. 

"I could not be happier with the Strava-LiveRowing partnership. As an ex-rower and frequent erg disciple, I finally have a seamless way to capture my indoor rowing workouts on Strava. Just connect the accounts and start rowing! And with the LiveRowing catalog of workouts, I am never at a loss for a challenge. From beginning to end, the Strava-LiveRowing experience keeps me motivated and coming back for more."

- Mark Gainey, Strava | Co-Founder

Here is what you need to know: 

1. Connect LiveRowing to Strava:


2.  Once connected all your LiveRowing workouts will automatically sync with your Strava account. LiveRowing will send per second data points to Strava so you will get access to all the powerful features of the Strava mobile app and web portal. In addition to the workout data points, LiveRowing will pass a screen shot of your workout results and attach it to your Strava activity(see image below).

3. Strava will be hosting a new Featured Workout in the LiveRowing App as well -- stay tuned for more details on that.  

For more information about the Strava Gym & Studio Sync partnerships, check out the Strava blog post. Furthermore, if you are not already a Strava athlete -- you should join now.

A New Team Member

Welcome, Dr. Cameron Nichol.

LiveRowing is excited to announce that Dr. Cameron Nichol will be joining the LiveRowing team as Chief Operating Officer. Cam brings a unique talent and work ethic that is unrivalled. He's a former Olympic rower, medical doctor and avid crossfitter. This unique skill set will bring amazing value to the LiveRowing community.

To kick off Cam joining the team, we have programmed his Rowing WOD training programme in the LiveRowing App. It is now available for purchase. 


The Training Programme Includes:

  • 40 Pre-Programmed Sessions in the LiveRowing App (5 Months worth of training).

  • Full access to detailed coaching notes for each session. These include target speeds and splits

  • Every session Pre-Programmed with mid-workout coaching notes and guidance.

  • Step-by-step instructions during the workout

  • Technical focus and pacing notes

  • Instant Post-Workout feedback in-app and via email

  • 1 Year Premium access to the LiveRowing App.

  • Access to the LiveRowing Web Portal for detailed analytics on your Training sessions.

Additionally, LiveRowing will be actively seeking 3rd party investment to further add value to the global rowing community.

Best Regards, 

The LiveRowing Team

Big Improvements


We're excited to announce some big improvements to the LiveRowing App in version 1.1.4.

Here's what's new: 

  • 'Tap to Change' your visible metrics before your workout begins: 

  • SPM Guidance (Currently in Beta)
  • Rest Period Time Gauge: 

  • New Dashboard & Workout Organizer for our Affiliates:

An Olympic athlete, doctor & CrossFitter

LiveRowing is excited to announce that Rowing WOD 'silver' plan members will have access to Dr. Cam Nichol's Rowing WOD Programme in the LiveRowing App. Dr. Nichol might be the only man in the world that is a doctor, olympian and passionate CrossFitter. At Rowing WOD they believe, everyone is an athlete. And every athlete should row.

The Rowing WOD Programme has a structured and progressive roadmap to mastering the Concept2 indoor rowing machine.  Dr. Cam says "Rowers are masters of pacing and engine building"... while CrossFitters are "strong, movement ninjas who love speed, times, scores and reps." His rowing machine training sessions will uncover your weaknesses, challenge you physically and mentally while developing the virtues required to unlock true speed.

The LiveRowing app with Rowing WOD enables the athlete to connect their iPhone to the Concept2 indoor rowing machine. Once connected, the app will provide step-by-step guidance through the Rowing WOD programme, set up the workouts on Performance Monitor, and advise you throughout the workouts on rate and pace changes. More details are available here. Available now.

Connect your Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine into the World.

Since we are talking about the 'rowing machine', it only makes sense the task would be challenging. We commenced development over 18 months ago to connect an Apple device to the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine. At last, we are rounding third base and sprinting for home. The LiveRowing Connect cable is available for Pre-Order. 

So what is the big deal, it's merely a cable(like my iPhone charger) that connects my iPhone to a rowing machine, right? Unfortunately, that is not the situation - it's so much more than that. A better comparison would be that it's a full-blown electronic. An electronic that speaks two different languages which translate communication for each respective party(iPhone & rowing machine). The combination of communicating with 40 years of rowing machines and Apple devices proved so much more than we ever anticipated. Hindsight, we would do it again. :-). 

The LiveRowing Connect Cable comes in at 22inches(56cm). It will tether your iPhone to a Concept2 Performance Monitor 3, 4 or 5. On the Apple side, it has an Apple Lighting Connector and on the Concept2 side, it is USB(Type-B). The LiveRowing Connect cable will work with both the LiveRowing App and Concept2, ErgData App. 

Concept2 Logbook Integration

Our early adopters have requested Concept2 Logbook integration. At LiveRowing we aim to build functionality that brings value to our users and the community. The Concept2 Logbook is a large piece of the community. We had hundreds of requests for the C2 Logbook feature which made the decision easy for us. Please keep the feature requests coming! You can email us at or reach out to us on social with your requests. 

The LiveRowing App gives you two options to upload to the Concept2 Logbook: 

  1.  Single Workouts: After you complete your workout, at the bottom of the workout summary you will see a "Send to Logbook" button. Tap the button and it will send your details up to the Logbook. Note: you will be required to do a one-time authorization with the C2 Logbook.

2. Auto Upload: You can choose to automatically upload all your workouts by going to Edit Profile > Go to the second page > at the bottom you will see "Automatically Upload to the Concept2 Logbook". 

Sharing the Rowing Machine Love

People helping people, it's powerful stuff. The best part of going through LiveRowing Beta was seeing users create workouts and 'Share' them throughout the group. The LiveRowing App for the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine allows it's users to create custom rowing machine workouts and 'Share' them with their friends. Jeff Tanner, a LiveRowing user said, "The ability to challenge others with custom-made workouts provides an excellent way to keep me motivated while also keeping workouts engaging & exciting!" 

Below are a couple tips & tricks when creating and 'Sharing' a Workout: 

  1. How to 'Share' a LiveRowing custom workout: 

2. Get creative with the rest periods! LiveRowing allows you to input text and a photo during the rest period. We see users injecting rate change information, inputing a motivating photo, or instructing a user to do x number of burpees & pull-ups. Below is an example of what a user will see during the rest period. 

3. If you build it, complete the workout before you 'Share'.  By completing the workout it creates a LiveRowing record so when you do 'Share' it -- your friends are able to complete against you, if they want.

The LiveRowing App for the Concept2 indoor rowing machine is a free download in the App Store.  

Creating Custom Workouts in the LiveRowing iOS App for the Concept2 Rowing Machine

Creating a custom workout with the LiveRowing App for the Concept2 indoor rowing machine is super easy and customizable. We have mapped out the process below for you: 

From the Dashboard screen go to: Workouts > Custom

Once you click "Build New Interval Workout" we will ask for the "Workout Details" which are meant to give your workout title and a description. You can even add a photo, this will be populated at the "Start" screen, right before you or your friends start the custom workout. 

Now you have a workout with a Title and a Description, its time to add a Time or Distance interval. The image below assumes you clicked "Add Distance Interval" -- here you give the interval an optional title and input the work time/distance and rest period. You can also input text and a image here; this will be populated during the rest period of the interval. We encourage you to get creative with active rest periods or motivating images. 

Once you create your first interval you can go back and edit or duplicate that interval to quickly add intervals that are similar or the same. We encourage you to use the duplicate feature to quickly build workouts. 

Lastly, click "Save Workout". Make sure you click "Save Workout" or your intervals will be lost. Once you click Save, you will be sent back to the custom workouts screen -- if you want to edit or Share with your LiveRowing friends you can do that here. 

Join our Facebook User group to share your workouts and connect with users around the world. 

Featured Rowing Machine Workouts Are Just a Tap Away

Featured Rowing Machine Workouts Are Just a Tap Away

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