Featured Rowing Machine Workouts Are Just a Tap Away

If you're tired of getting on the Concept2 indoor rowing machine without an engaging workout, motivation or a clear goal in mind -- you should download the iOS LiveRowing Indoor Rowing App for the Concept2 rowing machine.

“If you take the time to learn rowing technique, it’s one of the best exercises you can do for cardio,” says Jack Nunn, former member of the U.S. Under 23 National Team.

Sam Blythe of Fitness Matters Indoor Rowing says "One of the great plus-points is that indoor rowing gives you a full body work out without any impact on your joints, which means you can go for longer without too much fear of damaging your body. Workouts can be so varied depending on your individual goals and it is suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels."

The LiveRowing App allows you to compete with friends, create custom workouts and has a featured section with pre-programed workouts. Most importantly, the LiveRowing App programs the rowing machine monitor for you. All you need to do is connect the app to the monitor and select the workout.


Very similar to Strava, RunKeeper, or MapMyFitness but instead of using the GPS in your mobile device -- LiveRowing receives data during your workout from the Concept2 Performance Monitor.  It uses this data to give you live metrics during your workout and post. Furthermore,  it saves it as a record so you can compete against it later or allow your friends to challenge it. 

Featured Workouts are an important part of LiveRowing. Below are some featured workouts that are in the app now: 

LiveRowing is a free download in the Apple App Store


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