Creating Custom Workouts in the LiveRowing iOS App for the Concept2 Rowing Machine

Creating a custom workout with the LiveRowing App for the Concept2 indoor rowing machine is super easy and customizable. We have mapped out the process below for you: 

From the Dashboard screen go to: Workouts > Custom

Once you click "Build New Interval Workout" we will ask for the "Workout Details" which are meant to give your workout title and a description. You can even add a photo, this will be populated at the "Start" screen, right before you or your friends start the custom workout. 

Now you have a workout with a Title and a Description, its time to add a Time or Distance interval. The image below assumes you clicked "Add Distance Interval" -- here you give the interval an optional title and input the work time/distance and rest period. You can also input text and a image here; this will be populated during the rest period of the interval. We encourage you to get creative with active rest periods or motivating images. 

Once you create your first interval you can go back and edit or duplicate that interval to quickly add intervals that are similar or the same. We encourage you to use the duplicate feature to quickly build workouts. 

Lastly, click "Save Workout". Make sure you click "Save Workout" or your intervals will be lost. Once you click Save, you will be sent back to the custom workouts screen -- if you want to edit or Share with your LiveRowing friends you can do that here. 

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Nichoals Sheedy

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