Connect your Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine into the World.

Since we are talking about the 'rowing machine', it only makes sense the task would be challenging. We commenced development over 18 months ago to connect an Apple device to the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine. At last, we are rounding third base and sprinting for home. The LiveRowing Connect cable is available for Pre-Order. 

So what is the big deal, it's merely a cable(like my iPhone charger) that connects my iPhone to a rowing machine, right? Unfortunately, that is not the situation - it's so much more than that. A better comparison would be that it's a full-blown electronic. An electronic that speaks two different languages which translate communication for each respective party(iPhone & rowing machine). The combination of communicating with 40 years of rowing machines and Apple devices proved so much more than we ever anticipated. Hindsight, we would do it again. :-). 

The LiveRowing Connect Cable comes in at 22inches(56cm). It will tether your iPhone to a Concept2 Performance Monitor 3, 4 or 5. On the Apple side, it has an Apple Lighting Connector and on the Concept2 side, it is USB(Type-B). The LiveRowing Connect cable will work with both the LiveRowing App and Concept2, ErgData App. 

Nichoals Sheedy

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