A New Team Member

Welcome, Dr. Cameron Nichol.

LiveRowing is excited to announce that Dr. Cameron Nichol will be joining the LiveRowing team as Chief Operating Officer. Cam brings a unique talent and work ethic that is unrivalled. He's a former Olympic rower, medical doctor and avid crossfitter. This unique skill set will bring amazing value to the LiveRowing community.

To kick off Cam joining the team, we have programmed his Rowing WOD training programme in the LiveRowing App. It is now available for purchase. 


The Training Programme Includes:

  • 40 Pre-Programmed Sessions in the LiveRowing App (5 Months worth of training).

  • Full access to detailed coaching notes for each session. These include target speeds and splits

  • Every session Pre-Programmed with mid-workout coaching notes and guidance.

  • Step-by-step instructions during the workout

  • Technical focus and pacing notes

  • Instant Post-Workout feedback in-app and via email

  • 1 Year Premium access to the LiveRowing App.

  • Access to the LiveRowing Web Portal for detailed analytics on your Training sessions.

Additionally, LiveRowing will be actively seeking 3rd party investment to further add value to the global rowing community.

Best Regards, 

The LiveRowing Team

Nichoals Sheedy

LIVEROWING, 1090 Cherokee St, Denver, CO, 80204, United States