An Olympic athlete, doctor & CrossFitter

LiveRowing is excited to announce that Rowing WOD 'silver' plan members will have access to Dr. Cam Nichol's Rowing WOD Programme in the LiveRowing App. Dr. Nichol might be the only man in the world that is a doctor, olympian and passionate CrossFitter. At Rowing WOD they believe, everyone is an athlete. And every athlete should row.

The Rowing WOD Programme has a structured and progressive roadmap to mastering the Concept2 indoor rowing machine.  Dr. Cam says "Rowers are masters of pacing and engine building"... while CrossFitters are "strong, movement ninjas who love speed, times, scores and reps." His rowing machine training sessions will uncover your weaknesses, challenge you physically and mentally while developing the virtues required to unlock true speed.

The LiveRowing app with Rowing WOD enables the athlete to connect their iPhone to the Concept2 indoor rowing machine. Once connected, the app will provide step-by-step guidance through the Rowing WOD programme, set up the workouts on Performance Monitor, and advise you throughout the workouts on rate and pace changes. More details are available here. Available now.

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