LiveRowing enters Partnership with Strava

Strava has quickly become the social platform for users to track, analyze and socialize all their exercise activities. Rowing machine workouts are often just one activity of many for Strava athletes. LiveRowing has partnered with Strava to offer a seamless integration from LiveRowing to your Strava account. 

"I could not be happier with the Strava-LiveRowing partnership. As an ex-rower and frequent erg disciple, I finally have a seamless way to capture my indoor rowing workouts on Strava. Just connect the accounts and start rowing! And with the LiveRowing catalog of workouts, I am never at a loss for a challenge. From beginning to end, the Strava-LiveRowing experience keeps me motivated and coming back for more."

- Mark Gainey, Strava | Co-Founder

Here is what you need to know: 

1. Connect LiveRowing to Strava:


2.  Once connected all your LiveRowing workouts will automatically sync with your Strava account. LiveRowing will send per second data points to Strava so you will get access to all the powerful features of the Strava mobile app and web portal. In addition to the workout data points, LiveRowing will pass a screen shot of your workout results and attach it to your Strava activity(see image below).

3. Strava will be hosting a new Featured Workout in the LiveRowing App as well -- stay tuned for more details on that.  

For more information about the Strava Gym & Studio Sync partnerships, check out the Strava blog post. Furthermore, if you are not already a Strava athlete -- you should join now.

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