HamPlan - Lunch Hour Workouts


HamPlan - Lunch Hour Workouts


About the Program

The HAM Plan | Lunch hour is a culmination of a decade’s worth of elite training on the Concept2 Rowing Machine by Spencer and Austin. The Ham Plan Lunch Hour is 50 of their favourite rowing machine workouts from the last 10 years. The 50 workouts are a mix of high intensity, cross-training and cardio based workouts for the Concept2 indoor rower. The workouts are not designed to be executed in a specific order but rather used during your “Lunch Hour” when you are looking for a solid, quick and impactful session. Feel free to try a couple in the Featured Workout section before you purchase.

Purchase Now


  • 50 Pre-Programed Sessions with mid-workout coaching guidance from Spencer & Austin
  • Access to LiveRowing Premium for 1 year
  • The workouts are a mix of cardio, high-intensity and cross-training sessions designed for the use exclusively with LiveRowing and the Concept2 Rowing Machine
  • Full Access to coaching notes for each session
  • Interval-by-Interval instructions during the workout
  • Instant post workout feedback via the LiveRowing and via email

About the Coaches: 

Meet Austin Malleolo and Spencer Hendel, both are five-time Reebok Crossfit Games participants, Crossfit Affiliate owners and the founders of The HAM Plan.  Together these men have trained thousands of hours…testing, re-testing, experimenting, overcoming adversity, targeting weaknesses, thriving, and pushing their human potential. The mission of HAM Plan is simple – create the best breed of athlete possible and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.


  • An Apple iPhone with the LiveRowing app.
  • Concept2 Rowing Machine with either a Performance Monitor 5 or a Performance Monitor 3/4 with the LiveRowing Connect Cable.
  • Not required but recommended is a LiveRowing Cradle to mount your mobile phone.