Rowing WOD 2k 101


Rowing WOD 2k 101


The 2k row is the gold standard in olympic and competitive rowing. It's also one of the best ways to benchmark anyones fitness.

Having a fast 2k time is an enviable accolade for any rower and anyone that's ever been on the machine. But training for it can be confusing and sometimes intimidating. There's really only a few important things to get this right: being fit, pacing the row well and ensuring the race components are executed correctly.

With the RowingWOD 2k programme in LiveRowing, we walk you through these elements in sequence, challenge you and build your confidence.

With 24 precise workouts to complete, you'll discover a lot about yourself as an athlete and as a person. You're able to complete these as many times as you like and can work through them as quickly or slowly as your life allows. The most important thing is your commitment to training well, mindfully and with purpose. Give these workouts a try, use the app to automatically programme the machine, plot your scores and give unique feedback.

But most importantly, have fun along the way. Enjoy.



  • Improve your 2k time with 24 pre-programmed sessions
  • Master your pacing, track your progress
  • Learn about yourself, get fitter faster
  • Step-by-step coaching during the workout
  • Technical focus and pacing notes
  • Instant Post-Workout feedback in-app and via email
  • 1 Year Premium access to the LiveRowing App
  • Access to the LiveRowing Web Portal for detailed analytics on your Training sessions

About the Coach:

Dr. Cameron Nichol is a two-time World Silver Medallist and former Olympic rower, a medical doctor in London and a competitive CrossFit athlete. He uses experience in medical science, elite sport and coaching to make athletes of all skill level better each day.