Rowing WOD training programme provides a structured and progressive blueprint of how to master the rowing machine. You'll learn to master pacing, how to build your engine and unlock real speed using your body's natural biomechanics. The training sessions will develop your mental game, challenge your strengths and expose weaknesses. 

Dr. Cameron Nichol believes every human is an athlete and every athlete should row. "When mastered, rowing is one of the most physiologically demanding movements on earth. Rowing uses virtually every muscle in the body, increases aerobic capacity, develops power and builds strength." says Dr. Nichol

The Rowing WOD training programme is for athletes that want to improve fitness, those aiming for a spot on the CrossFit Games podium or anyone passionate about indoor rowing looking to take their fitness to a new level.


Dr. Cameron Nichol is a two-time World Silver Medallist and former Olympic rower, a medical doctor in London and a competitive CrossFit athlete. He uses experience in medical science, elite sport and coaching to make athletes of all skill level better each day. 


Rowing WOD Training Programme


  • 40 Pre-Programmed Sessions in the LiveRowing App (5 Months worth of training).

  • Full access to detailed coaching notes for each session. These include target speeds and splits

  • Every session Pre-Programmed with mid-workout coaching notes and guidance.

  • Step-by-step instructions during the workout

  • Technical focus and pacing notes

  • Instant Post-Workout feedback in-app and via email

  • 1 Year Premium access to the LiveRowing App.

  • Access to the LiveRowing Web Portal for detailed analytics on your Training sessions.


  • A Apple iPhone with the LiveRowing App

  • Concept2 Rowing Machine with either a Performance Monitor 5 or a Performance Monitor 3/4 with the Concept2 iConnectCable.

  • Not required but recommended is a LiveRowing Cradle to mount your mobile phone.